Supportive Cyclist

Take part in the Stelvio Challenge 2019 as a supportive cyclist and support Soccorso Clown onlus.

In facing your challenge, don’t forget the little patients that our Soccorso Clown see every day in the hospitals. They need your help. Add this special goal to your bicycle race and give the hospitalized children smiles and emotions, the same that you will experience during the Stelvio Challenge.

When you send us your registration form for the Stelvio Challenge 2019, we will tell you how to create your own personal page on the site which is associated to our project. THERE IS MORE. Once you register, besides being able to use all the means available through Rete del Dono, we will follow you step by step to help you and advise you on how to involve all the people you know, inviting them to support your very own personal fund raising initiative for our project.

Take on the challenge:

€ 500,00

11 visits to children in the pediatric wards that welcome our Soccorso-Clown.

€ 1.000,00

Double the visits: 23 visits to our small patients by Soccorso-Clown

€ 1.500,00

Not only 23 visits but 7 accompanied visits to the operating room for painful procedures (such as needle aspiration, etc.)

€ 2.000,00

30 visits by Soccorso-Clown and 10 accompanied visits to the operating room where we are side by side with the anesthetists in order to accompany the child from the moment before surgery to when he or she wake up.

REMEMBER! If you raise at least 250 Euro, Soccorso Clown will pay for your registration in the Stelvio challenge 2019!

Visit the page dedicated to Soccorso Clown Onlus at or write to us at