What People Say about us

‘The presence of Soccorso Clown during the induction of anesthesia, together with the child’s parents, was an effective intervention for managing children’s and parents’ anxiety during the preoperative period. We would encourage the promotion of this form of distraction therapy in the treatment of children requiring surgery,..’

Laura Vagnoli, PhD and Simona Caprilli, PhD in Clown Doctors as a Treatment for Preoperative Anxiety in Children: A Randomized, Prospective Study. http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/116/4/e563.abstract

“Soccorso Clown demonstrated to be of vital importance to our children hospitalized in the oncology and all other paediatric divisions… it must be intensified.”
“There was in our ward a thirteen years girl with AIDS in its terminal phase…. I had explained the delicate situation to Soccorso Clown and overcame the resistance of my colleagues… then the hospital clowns visited the girl. They have been able to invoke in her such serenity and hilarity, and this joy was repeated during all the following visits. And against all predictions her condition become better and it is even become possible to send her home…..”

Dr. Guido Castelli-Gattinara, Operative Unit of AIDS
Hospital of Bambino Gesù, Rome

“I have never witnessed or heard anything similar. The conditions of the Albanese girl where grave such that is was impossible to administer anesthesia or deep/ complete sedation as would have been usually done in most cases …  so we attempted to solve the problem asking the ‘hospital clowns’ of Soccorso Clown to see if they could help. The outcome was extraordinary! The girl who did not speak any Italian and nor had seen a clown in her life got so involved with their act that she smiled and laughed. Throughout the 25-minute intervention she did not exhibit any fear, or physical or psychological discomfort. She never complained or exhibited on any pain whatsoever!”

Dr. Andrea Messeri, Chief of Pain Therapy Unit
Meyer Hospital, Florence

“Soccorso Clown is different and unique from all other services which were proposed to us… Their professionalism and the unique way they work with children and medical staff, created a extremely positive atmosphere and experience…  one of the most intelligent programs I’ve encountered in all my years of working in the hospital.”

Prof. Renato Mastrangelo, Chief of Division of the Pediatric Oncology
Gemelli Universities Clinic, Rome

“Upon their arrival an explosion of joy burst out in our ward… It is scientifically demonstrated that, with reducing stress and fear, the need for medicine decreases… I hope that the experience of Soccorso Clown is destined to continue permanently.”

Professor Alberto Vierucci, Chief of Third Pediatric Clinic
Meyer Hospital, Florence

“Soccorso Clown has demonstrated to be of vital importance to our hospitalized children in oncology and other pediatric wards… it must be intensified.”

Benilde Mauri. President of the Parents Association of Pediatric Oncology
Gemelli Hospital, Rome