How We Work

How Soccorso Clown operates

Depending on the size of the hospital and ward, Soccorso Clown works both with the individual child (face-to-face), and together with several children gathered in any hospital spaces that offer this possibility, using targeted techniques and repertoire. We always take into account both the place where we are working and the different conditions of each individual child, never forgetting to take care both of the patients’ families and the hospital staff. Soccorso Clown also offers specialist interventions for long-stay patients and a particular kind of support to different members of the patient’s family, promoting the child-parent relationship, and the relations between them and the hospital.


The operating standard

Soccorso Clown has formulated the basic criteria that allow them to identify the quality standards necessary to operate in the role of hospital clown. It’s activity within the hospital derives directly from the operational models, which have been used widely and successfully over time, of the Clown Care Unit of the Big Apple Circus in New York, the guide and the guiding light for this job worldwide.